All About Being Centered

A simple life means simple rules.

Based on if we’re centered.

Simply put…

Continue on, if we’re centered.

Hold-off, if we’ve lost our center.

Very simple.

It’s all about being in our center.

Despite what’s happening around.

Sim Li

A Simple Life does not mean…

Many wrong notions of simple.

A simple life doesn’t mean a small life.

Nor does it mean an plain life.

Nor does it mean a routine life.

Nor does it mean a dumb life.

Nor does it mean a half-hearted life.

A simple life, simply means, a clear life.

Clear is simple. Simple is clear.


Clear Simple Life.

Sim Li


Goals Have Weight

All goals have weight.

They can drag us down.

They require maintenance.

They demand attention.

Goals are like baggage. Make no mistake.

But, like any trip, we still want to bring baggage.

With us.

Some amount.

For the journey to be hassle-free.

So ask yourself…

Are your goals a hassle?

Sim Li

Freedom From & Freedom To

There are two sides to freedom,

Freedom To,

and Freedom From.

We tend to imagine freedom as Freedom To do something. Be someone. Say what we feel.

But…it’s also about Freedom From Having To do something. Be someone. Saying what we feel.

Both of these together,

as a package,

Define True Freedom.

Sim Li



Friendly Habits

Friendly habits are grooves.

Natural grooves.

That give some stability, some comfort.

Some anticipation, some solace.

In our Lifestyle.

They aren’t force-fitted.

They already exist within us.

As tracks that we can sink into.

And ride along.

So long as we are ready to, when the moment comes, step out

And jump into deeper grooves,

More meaningful grooves.

If we don’t, then these habits are no longer so friendly.

Sim Li

Fascination of our World

We are fascinated with the world around us.

Enamored and tickled by the intricacies and details of creation.

In all its beauty and wonder.

Good. This is good. Wonderful.

Joy, and delight. Awe even.

So long…as one thing we keep in mind.

One premise.

That real joy only comes only when we know this is all reflection.

Reflection of the One.

The One who stands before and beyond it all.

Sim Li



Oversimplification means to be simple, past our limits.

The minimal becomes an obsession.

Frugality becomes a fetish.

We engage in the complex, just to be simple.

Oversimplification is not the point.

When simplicity becomes its own fixation,

it defeats its own purpose.

Sim Li


What is God?

It’s the simplest answer possible.

God says “I am that I am”.

God is in fact is the height of simplicity.

We’ve taken the simple to be complex.

With concepts, ideals, images, forms, and rituals.

These all have their place.

But are not the essence.

Sim Li



Commitment to Simple

A simple life move towards simple.

It doesn’t start simple. But it gets there.

Let it get there.

Don’t let negative perceptions deter you.

Don’t let contradictions, hypocrisy, judgment affect you.

Simplicity is a commitment.

It will get there.

You’ll get there.

Just stay committed.

Sim Li


Grabbing Life

We want to clench onto life.

In our sayings, in our principles, in our lifestyle.

We want it to be something we can grab onto…so tightly.

Something we don’t want to let go of…ever.

So build a life where we never, ever let go.

Of what we get.

But what we hold onto unravels. It breaks down.

It’s the way things go.  It’s the way life works.

We might be lucky however….and…

What we grab might unravel along with our desire to hold on.

Master Sim Li

(please reflect for 60 seconds)

An Exciting Life

A clear and simple life is a very exciting life.

We are able to really feel the excitement of each moment.

We aren’t digging for it, looking for it, trying to find it.

Excitement is simply there.

(reflect for 60 seconds)

Sim Li



Some people say that those who wander are not lost.

And that’s true.

Wandering by no means we aren’t lost.

It doesn’t mean we are found either.

It simply means we are searching.

And that’s a respectable place to be.

Sim Li

Why We Suffer

Pain isn’t the cause of suffering.

“Indulging” in pain is the cause of suffering.

Pain itself is context fro growth.

Pain gives us clarity.

Pain gives us signs.

But when we indulge in the pain, we suffer.

“Indulge” is the right word.

We we revel in the pain, when we get lost in the pain.

When we get confused by the pain…that’s when we suffer.

Sim Li

Having Fun

Having fun isn’t the point of life.

It’s the side-effect of trying to live the best life possible.

We can have fun whatever we are going through.

That balancing act of trusting in the Divine,

and dealing with the various challenging life experiences.

That’s FUN!

Sim Li


Beauty is always around.

Always besides us.

Always within.

It’s not about critiquing the beauty.

It’s about realizing the beauty.

The interconnected, comforting, divine flow.

The dance of delight that springs forth when seen.

That all manifestation will express when lit up.

And all manifestation yearns to realize.

Sim Li


We often don’t need many words.

Many words not needed.

So many words just not always necessary.

Words that explain the same thing over again…over and over.

And over and over.

And over, again.

Is redundant.

We repeat the same things.

Once again, once again.

As if we don’t trust.

That simply,

Words have a place. Once uttered. Once realized.

Never more.

Sim Li