Grabbing Life

We want to clench onto life.

In our sayings, in our principles, in our lifestyle.

We want it to be something we can grab onto…so tightly.

Something we don’t want to let go of…ever.

So build a life where we never, ever let go.

Of what we get.

But what we hold onto unravels. It breaks down.

It’s the way things go.  It’s the way life works.

We might be lucky however….and…

What we grab might unravel along with our desire to hold on.

Master Sim Li

(please reflect for 60 seconds)

An Exciting Life

A clear and simple life is a very exciting life.

We are able to really feel the excitement of each moment.

We aren’t digging for it, looking for it, trying to find it.

Excitement is simply there.

(reflect for 60 seconds)

Sim Li



Some people say that those who wander are not lost.

And that’s true.

Wandering by no means we aren’t lost.

It doesn’t mean we are found either.

It simply means we are searching.

And that’s a respectable place to be.

Sim Li