Fascination of our World

We are fascinated with the world around us.

Enamored and tickled by the intricacies and details of creation.

In all its beauty and wonder.

Good. This is good. Wonderful.

Joy, and delight. Awe even.

So long…as one thing we keep in mind.

One premise.

That real joy only comes only when we know this is all reflection.

Reflection of the One.

The One who stands before and beyond it all.

Sim Li



Oversimplification means to be simple, past our limits.

The minimal becomes an obsession.

Frugality becomes a fetish.

We engage in the complex, just to be simple.

Oversimplification is not the point.

When simplicity becomes its own fixation,

it defeats its own purpose.

Sim Li


What is God?

It’s the simplest answer possible.

God says “I am that I am”.

God is in fact is the height of simplicity.

We’ve taken the simple to be complex.

With concepts, ideals, images, forms, and rituals.

These all have their place.

But are not the essence.

Sim Li



Commitment to Simple

A simple life move towards simple.

It doesn’t start simple. But it gets there.

Let it get there.

Don’t let negative perceptions deter you.

Don’t let contradictions, hypocrisy, judgment affect you.

Simplicity is a commitment.

It will get there.

You’ll get there.

Just stay committed.

Sim Li