Are your programs for me?

Our programs are for those who are looking to let go, rather than acquire more. Those looking to get a handle on, rather than take on. Those looking to be more reflective, rather than be more productive. Those looking for balance, rather than achievement.

This work is certainly not for everyone. But if what I share matches what you are looking for in your life journey, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you like a life coach or therapist?

There’s some overlap, but the premise of this work is that your life is designed by you. I simply facilitate the process as a peer by by helping map out your life. I take a back seat. No clinical approach. No fixed methodology.

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle Design is a word used to describe a lifestyle you are consciously planning, rather than leaving up to fate (or society). The term was most famously used by Tim Ferriss in his book, the Four Hour Work Week.

I can’t afford your programs? Should I still sign on?

Price is never the deciding issue of my work, by principle. Reach out and let me know where you stand. We’ll figure something out.

Tell me a bit more about you!

You can visit my site RanjeethThunga.com to learn more about me and my life work.