Joyful Goals, Miserable Goals

I’m currently charting the next chapter with my projects, including Clear Simple Life. Part of this is looking back at the dozens of projects I worked on over the last five years.

What was miserable, and what was joyful?

Whenever I pursued money, status, or metric as highest goal, it always ended ugly and empty. My mind got tangled, my satisfaction felt insatiable, and I experienced false, fleeting joy, masquerading misery within. And..these goals never really worked out.

When I pursued soul-realization and expression as highest goal, it always was beautiful and fulfilling. My mind got untangled, my satisfaction was lasting, and though difficult and highly misunderstood at times, experienced real joy and growth within. And…these goals always worked out, in their own way.

Sometimes we see patterns immediately. Some patterns become clear over years. And some patterns, we deny because they conflict with our self-image. But to achieve salvation, we must own without apology what is bringing us misery, and what brings us joy.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper