Ego vs Passion Goals

Ego goals are those which compel us to do whatever it takes to get something from the world. They bring us and those around us a feeling of lack, and reflects low self-worth.

Passion goals are those that compel us to do whatever it takes to offer our deepest value with the world, no matter the challenges or appearance. They bring us joy and fulfillment, and reflects true self-worth.

We all have a mixture of both. And society gives us very mixed messages about what to pursue — let’s keep in mind society as a whole isn’t quite mature. Thus, we must discern for ourselves between them, if we’re to live a fulfilled life.

How can we tell them apart? It’s tricky sometimes, but here are a bunch of examples…

  • Passion might be to play basketball, ego will be to be the best basketball player in the school.
  • Passion might be to pen our thoughts in a book, ego will be to sell the most read book in the country.
  • Passion might be to express our ecstasy through the guitar, ego will be to get the highest approval by the judges.
  • Passion might be to explore the English language, ego will be to get the top grade in English class.
  • Passion might be to share your care with our significant others, ego will be to get as much attention as we can from them.
  • Passion might be to build a company that represents our vision, ego will be to be the biggest or only company left standing.
  • Passion might be to uplift the spirits of our community, ego will be to win the election at all costs.

Now let’s be clear by following our passion, we may end up achieving many things in the process. And we certainly don’t have to push away what might be offered to us.

We may certainly get recognition, money, pleasure and status. Or we might lose these in the process. Or a combination of both.

But, these achievements aren’t the point. Our passion, if it’s genuine, remains in spite of what we get or don’t get, whatever comes and goes, whoever comes and goes. It sustains us through and through. The moment that our work becomes primarily about we can get, and not what we can offer, is the moment we start to suffer and lose sight of a clear, simple life.

Lifestyle Mapper
Ranjeeth Thunga