How to Live my Life?

This is arguably life’s central question.

While we certainly can’t answer this for you, or anyone, we can help you reconcile conflict in your lifestyle and help you better align the way you live, and how you relate to others, with the Spirit in you. We have two formats:

I. Individual Option

A one-on-one dialog where we chart out your ideal lifestyle from the ground up. We delve into the very basics of how you live. This includes how you plan, work, rest, eat, exercise, learn, organize, relate, and pray/meditate. We look at your felt conflicts in your life and reactions that come up.

We map and document each session, as well as provide you a 14-day email window after each session for follow-up.

II. Group Option

In addition to working with individuals, we work with teams, families, and groups to flesh out conflicts in the ways to live, work, and relate with each other.

We present some basic lifestyle design concepts and then go around the table, letting each person share their lifestyle. We do our best to align what everyone shares.

We document and map the exchange, as well as provide 30 days of email follow-up for all participants after each session.


Our work is not traditional coaching, counseling, mentoring, therapy or advising. Our job isn’t to assess, diagnose, treat, inspire or motivate.

Rather, we role-play as your student. We conduct our sessions by asking you simple yet deep questions about who you are and how you live. This gives you the chance to play the expert’s role in mapping out your own life.

If this work feels appealing, do register below for a 15-minute preliminary call. Note: Our fees are on a sliding scale, so if it does look like our programs can help, we’ll discuss payment options at that time.

I look forward to talking with you.

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Student of Perspectives
Ranjeeth Thunga