Who am I?

Some say this is life’s most important question…seeking the answer the purpose of our existence.

We offer three Lifestyle Mapper packages to help you flesh out a more honest, fuller, beautiful picture of you.

I. One-on-one Lifestyle Package

We help you gain inner clarity by fleshing out and the basics of your life, including how you eat, sleep, work, exercise, learn, sort, process, plan, relate, and pray/meditate.

We dive into your efforts, goals, desires, values, projects, passions, habits, challenges and Inner Truth.

We document each session, as well as provide you a 14-day email window for Q&A and follow-up reflection.

II. Group Lifestyle Package

We facilitate workshops for your group, helping you flesh out more deeply how you live, work and relate with one another.

We document insights from the session, as well as provide 30 days of follow-up via email with additional tips for self-reflection.

III. Ongoing Lifestyle Package

We offer a monthly program where we spend each month focusing on a different facet of our life Each month has 4 weekly exercises, unlimited email and chat during office hours, supplemental content, and special discounts for one-on-one/group sessions.


The point of this work is bring out the clarity already within you. No one else can tell you how to live.

As a reversal and simplification of what many consider coaching or counselling, we flip the script and actually play the role of your student, asking intelligent, empathetic, non-judging questions on how you feel to best live your life.

With the right nudging, you might be surprised to discover the answers inside. Please get in touch if you feel we can help.

Lifestyle Mapper
Ranjeeth Thunga