Simplicity is Scary

Each of us, on some level, connects with simplicity.

Still we get caught in tangled opinions, drama, words, labels, data, and stuff.

If simplicity is so great, why do we over-complicate things?

I’d say it’s cause simplicity is scary to us.

Simplicity makes clear who we really are. Who we really are. Our True Nature. Without clouds. Without mirages.

Us. We. I. The True I.

There is perhaps nothing more terrifying than the prospect of seeing ourselves. Because it means we gotta let go of who we thought we were.

But at the same time, there is nothing more liberating. Because our doubts and confusion clear up. They disappear. They’re gone.

And..the real I is infinitely more joyous. Knowing our True Nature turns out to be most comforting, most wholesome knowing there is.

Simplicity can be scary, no doubt…but it turns out to be a false scary, if we can hang around long enough to find this.

Ranjeeth Thunga