Waterfall and path, showing the nature of our life path and the beauty beneath our feet.

Sleep and Screens : Keeping them Separate.

Cellphone screens…and sleep…don’t seem to mix so well.

The depth and quality of rest is not as good.



EM radiation from the screens…weakness takes over.

The Web of conflicts of the world, stresses of our work, struggles to achieve and prove ourselves online…we’re being programmed.

The prospect of spending quality time with our Soul during sleep?…nah too much to come to terms with.

And many more possible reasons.

So cellphones provide a convenient distraction and loss of capacity for the emotional and spiritual reconciliation that can happen during our sleep.

Keeping them separate might make sleep boring. But that boredom seems to work itself out, replaced by a deeper rest, rejuvenation, and even realization of our Deeper Self.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Student of Simplicty