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Society Can’t Guide Us

The moment I realized that the social models and society’s institutions could offer no real direction for me is the moment that I owned the clarity within myself.

Mainstream society, though it offers us trends, grooves, tracks, and models to follow, is clueless as to how we should contribute to the world we live in. It doesn’t tell us how we can trust ourselves and bring forth our unique value guided by our Inner Voice.

Why? Because like any living being, social institutions are focused on self-preservation. For us to find our own voice would mean the institutions would lose their grip on us.

They are quietly interested in suppressing this voice. But, its inevitable that our Inner Voice will come forth en masse from within many of us. The context of the world is drastically changing the next 5 to 10 years. Jobs, careers, educational models, our social landscape — all of it — is shifting. And our society’s institutions aren’t able to keep up.

We face a world that will be unrecognizable a decade from now.

Many or most of the models we have on how to do things will be deemed irrelevant and thrown out. Many talk of these changes in terms of technological singularity. But these changes are also massive sociological, psychological and spiritual shifts pending as well.

And society will not TELL us how this will happen, or what we should do. We need to find out how, from within ourselves. This necessitates some form of tuning in process — some form of meditation or prayer — and a conscious, concerted effort to chart out precisely how we want to live and work and express ourselves in the world as it drastically evolves in the coming days.

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