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The Source of Good Health

A lot of us have the notion that good health means keeping our body in shape — eating nutritious food, exercise our muscles, and getting enough sleep.

Of course…all of these are good. But these fall by the wayside, more often than not, when we try to become more healthy. It’s especially tough when our pursuit of good health gets mundane or boring, especially when it seems our progress feels stagnant.

So it’s clear there’s a deeper source for good health we then start to tap into — good mental health or inner health. One might see this as cultivating a grateful attitude, a proactive approach to life, and owning our addictive tendencies. This inner work is good. But sooner or later, our attitude and energy might give out as well and we hit a rut. Good mental health, in and of itself, is unsustainable.

So what is health really based? What is deeper than physical or mental health? What is the source of real, consistent health?

I find real health starts with tuning into the Source within us, accessible through a prayer or meditation practice. This Source doesn’t change, doesn’t go up or down, never gets stale, and is 100% reliable.

As we tune in, over time, other aspects of our health naturally fall into line and we become more physically and mentally healthy. And we more and more recognize what’s truly healthy or not — what our body and mind really needs — or needs to go through.

This might take its sweet time. Years or decades even. And on the outside it might look like we’re not caring about health. But we will get there, without question, as we’re tuning into what’s at the center of not just health, but life itself.

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Ranjeeth Thunga