Walking Through Judgment

It seems nothing inhibits our progress more than recurring judgments in our mind.

Whether the judgments come our own expectations, or from others who project stuff on us, they can debilitate us.

Judgments are voices in our head that are telling us we’re off-track, being wrong, or simply not worthwhile. And they seem to come at the moments we need to most be on our toes.

As opposed to honest criticism, which works to uplift us, judgments are never satisfied and can never be satisfied. They exist to throw us off and fall into a cavern.

Sometimes we have a supportive community and family that helps us strip judgment from our mind. Other times, our very community and family might work against us, feeding us judgments to swallow.

If we’re fortunate, we have less. If we’re not, then we have to deal with more. In my case, I have a large load of judgment I’m gracefully working through. But even the most fortunate of us will have some amount of judgment to see through… our world simply is that way.

Accepting this non-sugar coated reality is tough, but essential.

Seeing through judgment requires tapping into the Deeper Voice within us. It’s a voice that can see clarity in the fog. For me, I tap into this voice through simply being aware of breath in any given situation. Others will have their own prayer or meditation to do so.

And to the degree we’re tapped into this Deeper Voice is the degree we’re able to, one by one, step out of judgments, taking one step at a time to more fully express our potential in our life.

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Ranjeeth Thunga